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Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger / Rack [Patented]

Fix to Roof in Balcony/Varanda /Bathroom/Bedroom to dry Wet Clothes...

Advantages of Wel-tech® Cloth Drying Ceiling Hanger

Wel-tech® cloth drying ceiling hanger/rack fitted to roof in a minimum space in Balcony
Pipes which can be managed individually up and down also can keep in 6 steps
Clothges will be saved from rust
Clothes dry faster due to high temperature near ceiling.
More air flow and sunlight into your apartment and house
More space for free movement in balcony
Product available in different sizes/ length
Children / oldage people and any other can also handle easily

How to Install

Advantages of Wel-tech® Shoe Rack

Safe,Secure Space Saving Wall Mounted Wel-tech® Shoe Rack Available in diffrent Shapes and Sizes
100% Rust Proof Racks/Covers/Stoppers and dividers made up of Plastic/Fibre with mat finish
Strong steel power coated body
Sleek,Stylish and less weight easy to carry
It is one time investment and life long convenient product
When you open one door,all doors will open simultaneously
Wel-tech® Shoe Rack body available in different colours 1).Cofee Brown 2).lvory 3).Choice colour by Order
Comparatively less weight and affordable price